Erasure Software that is Smarter, Faster, Better

Software with patent pending intelligence designed to maximize your residual value return with faster eradication speeds, greater success percentages, and streamlined licensing.

Erasure Software Intelligently Designed for Speed and Success

Verity ES is designed with your business processes in mind. When launched, it determines the optimal sanitization method available to meet a specific standard, ensuring you get faster speeds and higher overall success rates.

Built with High-Capacity HDDs, SSDs, and NVME in Mind

Successful erasure of high-capacity enterprise drives is critical. These drives are expensive. Failure to successfully sanitize them can have a significant financial impact, not only from loss of residual value recovery, but also from the risk of data breach.

Verity ES is designed to handle the eradication of high-volume, enterprise-level disks, including SSDs.


Streamlined Licensing Processes

The per-license erasure software model is labor-intensive, error-prone, and archaic. Stop wasting time and energy on a per-use licensing model.

Get Verity ES through an innovative pricing model that reduces time spent, requires less user input, and makes the entire user process easier – allowing you to spend more time on the things that really matter.

Why VerityES?

Data Driven Process Evaluation and Improvement

Customers of Verity ES get access to a data analytics portal that enables visibility into process performance metrics, as well as customer support to evaluate the data and make recommendations to improve the overall process.

Verity ES is not static software. It is a tool to evaluate and improve your eradication process.