About Verity ES

A business challenge turned into a paradigm changing solution.

Our Story

The Solution to a Problem

Verity ES was developed when our sister company, Revert, was struggling to find a software solution for their on-site erasure business. All of the software on the market was too slow and too rigid to support their business demands, so a decision was made to create one instead.

Enter Verity ES

The result was an erasure software solution intelligently designed to automatically choose the most efficient erasure method possible and successfully erase disks that other software packages could not.

Where We Are Today

By teaming up with Revert and their on-site service team, Verity ES had the access to the real-life erasure challenges the market faces and built a product to solve them.  

  • Designed to optimize data erasure.
  • Vetted inside data centers around the world.
  • Created to solve real-life enterprise level challenges.

Verity ES.

Why Verity ES?

Fully Supported, High-Capacity Data Erasure

Verity ES is a powerful data erasure software that’s unlike any other on the market. Verity ES is designed with you in mind – from ease of use, to streamlined licensing, to ongoing support from the Verity ES team.