Measuring the Operational Performance and Value of Data Eradication

Data Erasure

Definitively eliminating unnecessary, unneeded and unwanted data from an enterprise that generates more data exhaust every day is a much harder slog than it seems. In this series, we’ve discussed how to overcome the operational challenges of data eradication, addressed the capacity issues of eliminating data at scale, and explained how software-based data sanitization procedures […]

Change the Way You Think About Data Sanitization

Hard Drives

Change the Way You Think about Data Sanitization See the drives in the picture? They just sit there. Over time they get old, and with use they eventually reach end of life – or perhaps it’s eventually time to return them as part of a lease. Either way, it’s time to sanitize them – a […]

Why the Capacity to Destroy Data is a Good Thing

Data Cycle

An Intellyx BrainBlog by Jason English, for Verity ES It’s much more difficult to successfully build and grow something like a business or a career, than to destroy it. Destruction usually carries with it a negative connotation. Except when it comes to destroying, or more accurately, eradicating, obsolete data that can only come back to […]

Test Blog

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Individual Blog Post

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