Data Erasure. Optimized.

Easy to use. Easy to license. Designed for optimal performance and results. The new paradigm in data erasure software.
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With patent pending designed intelligence for faster throughput, a higher rate of successful erasure, and customer-focused licensing, you can maximize the residual value return of your storage assets.

Verity ES is not a transactional software company but is instead a comprehensive solution for data erasure.  You’ll get help throughout the process – from implementation to proactive erasure and process support.

Verity ES includes a full scale analytics module that empowers you to measure the performance of your erasure operations. Collect and organize data on throughput, erasure success percentages, manufacturers, models, sizes, and so much more. Plus, our dashboards are fully customizable – see the data you want to see, when and where you want to see it.

Why VerityES?

Never Run Out of Licenses Again

The per-use licensing model is flawed. It’s hard to budget accurately and you run out of licenses at the worst possible times.

With Verity ES, you get clear, consistent pricing using a modern software licensing plan, eliminating the archaic license per drive model.